Work Life Journal is a blog about careers, business and lifestyle issues.  It provides resources to inspire and empower readers to achieve their work and life aspirations.  It aims to foster the convergence of creative expression, knowledge and inspiration.  I share my own personal journeys, blend industry insights with academic findings and real life stories of career paths, tipping points, lessons learned in work, business and life.   


I am excited to explore narratives of success and passion – disruptive businesses, lifework and career trajectories.  Uncovering the personal stories behind the success will dominate and resonate.   Also, high on the agenda are issues that business, leadership and entrepreneurship have been verging on in recent times…but may have yet to capture the impetus of social dialog.

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Welcome to Work Life Journal! 

My name is Maria and I started this blog during my PhD studies in business as a creative outlet to share some of my research findings and knowledge that I was accumulating along my academic journey.  I am thrilled to empower my readers to start-up their businesses, take charge of their careers and improve their work-life balance.


About me

I am a passionate writer and researcher who loves the creativity and visual aesthetics accessible by the modern day digital world.  I have a wealth of experience working in the corporate sector and academia in business strategy, planning and performance.  Over the past decade my work has been in academia and I have recently completed my PhD in Business.  I have lectured for several universities in International Management (Human Resources) and have taught Business Communications and the Future of Work.  I am a published author of a book,  abstracts, articles, conference and journal papers.  I am a mum of two and live in Melbourne, Australia. 


I hope you enjoy Work Life Journal!  Feel free to contact me - I would love to hear from you!



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