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Richard Branson Declares Work/Life Balance Essential

Work-Life lessons learned from successful moguls on how we can prepare ourselves for a successful year ahead

Richard Branson declares the need for work/life balance. In his blog, Branson admits that as a mega-entrepreneur he works mighty hard, and this is no secret to his abundant success. Yet incessant achieving and doing is not necessarily ingrained in our human nature, which Branson attests to requiring rest and recuperation. Branson claims that "we are human beings, not doings", so encourages balance by scheduling time to just be, just as you would schedule business meetings, or events.

Ariana Huffington agrees. In her book Thrive, Huffington recounts the moment a broken cheekbone became the wake-up call she needed to finally re-focus and re-prioritize her health and wellbeing. (Exhaustion and habitual lack of sleep had precipitated her collapse in her office.) In denial for years about the amount of sleep and respite needed for her body, mind and spirit, Huffington suddenly took heed. This health and wellbeing mission did not stop there. A few years back, Huffington stepped down from her media mogul post to continue this journey in the form of Thrive Global, a wellness website.

At this critical time of year, when most workplaces and businesses slow down, it is an opportune time to take that holiday, or just take a few days' break, to allow our body, mind and soul to replenish and re-fuel. Rest and wellbeing are essential ingredients to life. Those of us who work hard at achieving our careers, businesses and life goals, an old Greek proverb captures the essence nicely:

"Through sickness we recognize the value of health;

through evil, the value of good;

through hunger, the value of food;

through exertion, the value of rest."

I love going away with my family and switching off from the daily grind...leaving behind the deadlines, chores, bills and demands of life. Surrounded by nature, afternoon naps and unplanned days ahead. That's what I call bliss! How do you wind down and refresh your energy?

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