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/ strʌɪv/

To strive is to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something

The Oxford English Dictionary

In life we try, try hard, aspire, venture, do our best, give our all. We strive for our goals, for success, whether in business, our career or our passion. We strive for ourselves, our family, our friends, our community, our city, our country, our world.

We might work hard, study, travel, explore new paths or cultures – forever cultivating a learned pathway towards our desired goals. We exert ourselves, persistently, until we reach or achieve our chosen state or destination. Many of us get there; many of us don’t. Yet striving is not about solely where it leads, but rather, the journey it takes us on.

The fruits of our labor are born and bred along our way. Every step we take, every thought we make, is like a seed that’s sown in our field of dreams. For those of us perceptive enough to realize, everything we need to succeed is usually within our reach. The barriers to success are often only those which are self-imposed. The mind is a powerful source of energy, a catalyst, which we can either harness or hamper. We are our worst critics, our worst enemies. Unknowingly, we often sabotage our own opportunities for success. Fear. That debilitating, gut-wrenching, breath-stopping angst that holds us back, stops us from moving forward, from achieving whatever it is that we strive to achieve. Learn to tame it, or it will tame you.

It’s time to shine, to let the light in on your dream, on you. Strive for excellence, to be a better person, for a better world, for a better future. Strive for compassion, for love, for health, for happiness. But most importantly, keep striving for your authentic self and never, ever, give up.

What do you strive for?

What are you striving for in 2020?

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