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The Collective Obsession

I have developed a slight obsession. Okay, perhaps it is somewhat a neurotic one. On a recent trip to Sydney for a work event, I mused around the airport newsagency waiting for my flight home. I flitted past the magazines, as my eye caught glimpse of Collective Hub – I had seen this magazine once or twice before, but like all good things, never took the time to pick it up for a ponder. In fact, I didn’t have a clue what it was about. I continued on, dismissively, as I was certain that no magazine could fill my mind with anything it desired at that point in time.

Taking up half of the entrance way was a table displaying the latest book releases. So, I meandered back out to see what was on offer. As I rummaged through, my mind was deciding on which book to buy…”Nope, I am not that into romance novels...hmm, I have enough drama in my life…I feel like reading something, um…inspirational, er, maybe motivational…something to enhance my career…?”

A tower of books with a photo of the same lady, Lisa Messenger, stood out. I resisted, admittedly, judging the book by its cover. Yet nothing seemed to fill my void at that moment. So, more out of curiosity than interest, I picked up one of the Messenger books, ‘Daring and Disruptive – Unleashing the Entrepreneur”. I started reading…I couldn’t put it down.

The book spoke in a raw and pragmatic aspirational voice. Lisa’s personal story reveals decades of triumphs and tribulations, openly sharing her business success stories and lessons learned to inspire and motivate the budding entrepreneur or ambitious professional. It inspires you to follow your life passion with unwavering strength and conviction and not be afraid to disrupt the world.

By the time my plan landed back home in Melbourne, it was straight to the newsagency at the airport to buy my first copy of the Collective Hub. I have gone on to read more of Lisa’s books and am completely obsessed with the Collective Hub (which I still buy in print form, although it has now grown into a global digital platform).

Lisa Messenger is a successful entrepreneur, author and public speaker. She is the brains behind the Collective Hub magazine which is published in over 37 countries around the world, sharing innovation, motivation and creativity for entrepreneurs.


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